Change to LLP – notice

Change to LLP – notice

On 1 May 2020 Iliffes Booth Bennett (trading as IBB Solicitors) transferred its business to IBB Law LLP a limited liability partnership, registered in England and Wales with registered number OC430367.  As a result, from 1 May 2020 Iliffes Booth Bennett ceased to trade and the trading name of the business changed from IBB Solicitors to IBB Law.

The main reason for this change is to allow for our future growth and planning.  The conversion simply means that clients are being advised by a firm which has adopted a modern corporate structure. Converting to LLP status does not affect the delivery or quality of service that we provide, nor does it fundamentally change the way in which we operate or work with you. The change will also confer the benefit of limited liability on the members. We consider it is more appropriate that the firm’s assets only are at risk rather than the personal assets of our members (formerly partners).

As a consequence of the transfer of the business to IBB Law LLP, clients’ consent is technically required to allow the transfer of files and information concerning client matters to IBB Law LLP.  IBB Law LLP accepts and assumes any rights and obligations of Iliffes Booth Bennett performed from 1 May 2020 under all continuing agreements between clients and Iliffes Booth Bennett and accordingly files and confidential information have been transferred to IBB Law LLP. Any client which continues to deal with IBB Law LLP on or after 1 May 2020, will be deemed to have agreed to the actions set out in this paragraph and to IBB Law LLP continuing to provide services on the basis of existing terms of business except to the extent otherwise agreed (whether before or after 1 May 2020). From 1 May 2020, Iliffes Booth Bennett has assigned its rights to any fees from its engagements to IBB Law LLP and all future invoices will be in the name of IBB Law LLP. Where necessary we will be sending out updated terms of business to reflect the change to an LLP.

The name on our bank account changed to IBB Law LLP on 1 May 2020 but our bank account number and sort code remain the same.

Before 1 May 2020, IBB Solicitors was a general partnership constituted under the laws of England and Wales. Some documents on this website were produced before that date. Nothing on this website or in those documents is to be taken to indicate that IBB Law LLP is an unlimited liability undertaking or general partnership.

Information about you held by IBB Solicitors was transferred to IBB Law LLP on 1 May 2020. IBB Law LLP will control and be responsible for that information from that date onwards and will use that information to continue to operate and conduct the practice. For further information about how we use your personal information, including your right to access and correct that information, please see our Privacy Policy.


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