Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At IBB Law, we recognise that we have a responsibility for the impact our business activities have upon our people, suppliers, clients, the local community and the wider environment.

Our CSR policy sets out our commitment to engage in responsible business practices by learning, collaborating, and developing our processes and systems. It covers:

  • Sustainability
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Business ethics
  • Governance

To ensure we meet our responsibilities we have adopted an integrated, firm-wide approach, which includes carrying those values through to our wider HR, IT, facilities, and business development strategies. We have also ensured that our CSR policies work in tandem with our other policies and procedures, including those relating to staffing, codes of conduct, compliance, and regulatory frameworks. This ensures that our CSR policy encourages behaviour and practices that exceed legal minimum requirements.

We also recognise that part of our responsibility is to be open to new ideas and practices, and if necessary challenge and adapt our existing methods. Our CSR strategy is continually reviewed, so that we can identify ways of ensuring that the impact we have on our community is a positive one, and that we continually communicate this to our staff, clients, suppliers and community.

Our People

We value and embrace diversity in our teams, and truly believe that our workforce reflects this. IBB recruits, develops and promotes people on merit – regardless of their demographic.

We also maintain an on-going staff dialogue programme. This has resulted in the development and successful implementation of policies for:

  • Alternative working patterns
  • Flexible holidays
  • Pension provision
  • Superior healthcare
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Other benefits

These have all been founded on a principle of wellbeing and modern approaches to working.

Our Community

IBB believes that businesses have a responsibility to actively engage with their community. We take an active role in local business and community partnerships, and IBB people participate in charitable activities, some for personal reasons and others to support a charity linked to a client. We have also established the IBB Charitable Trust, a registered charity (no. 1146654), which makes grants to local charities supporting people in the communities in which we work. The Trust is the natural result of our care for our local community.

There is a sustained process of gaining annual funds for the Trust through the work of the firm’s staff. The board of trustees is made up of four partners from the firm, and the giving committee (which comprises representatives from across the firm) meets quarterly to assess donation requests. IBB Charitable Trust supports:

  • Charities local to our Uxbridge and Chesham offices
  • Charities supported by members of IBB staff
  • Charities supported by clients
  • Charities who are IBB clients

Our community outreach activities include:

  • Giving free advice and talks to not-for-profit groups
  • Engaging with the programmes of local schools and colleges
  • Offering work experience placements

Our Business

Finally, we continually strive to understand the society in which we live, and the important role we play within that community. As with our people, we value diversity within the community, so we support local businesses, institutes and groups wherever possible. We also do our utmost to ensure that our marketing is ethical, honest and sensitive to those around us.



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