Trainee FAQs

  1. What training and support will I get?
  2. How much responsibility will I be given?
  3. What areas of law will I cover?
  4. On an average day, what will I do?

What training and support will I get?

You will have a training supervisor who is a partner or senior solicitor. At the outset you will be given objectives and we will discuss what you can expect to cover in your first three months. You normally cover the compulsory PSC modules in your first two seats. At the beginning of your second year you will be given the opportunity to select PSC electives which will complement your training.

You will be expected to attend the internal technical seminars run for the group you are in at any time and invited to all those arranged by other groups as well. We also encourage you to join your local young solicitors’ group, which offers wider opportunities for socialising and personal development, including the chance to spend a day shadowing a district judge. You also benefit from our membership of LawNet – a network of independent quality law firms.

How much responsibility will I be given?

We offer you the chance to deal with clients with very diverse needs:

  • Commercial Real Estate and Commercial Services Groups deal with clients ranging from SMEs to large organisations in the west of London
  • Private Client Group offer services primarily to high net worth clients in their locale

You will be given more responsibility as you progress and build up your skills within each seat and through your Period of Recognised Training. The nature of each seat is different but you can expect a range of experiences from assisting on large, complex transactions, taking clients’ instructions, drafting documents and dealing with everything that comes in between.

What areas of law will I cover?

Our seats cover a range of disciplines including: commercial property, property dispute resolution, charities, employment,  personal injury, wills, trusts & probate. Before allocating you to a seat we will find out your preferences. We will also take into account the areas of law that you have covered in depth in your studies. We do our best to make sure that second year trainees get their first or second choice, as by then you will usually have a clearer picture of the area in which you want to specialise when you qualify.

On an average day, what will I do?

This varies greatly, depending on your seat. You will be treated in the same way as a qualified solicitor in that you have targets to achieve and systems to learn and follow. You will be expected to join in with and help run our client events, gain a thorough understanding of the law and practice of the seat you are in and to react quickly and responsively to clients. You will also be encouraged to write blog stories for the website and co-draft articles for publication in journals.


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