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The training contract

Our professional groups are based on two different sites to suit their respective client base. Our private client group is based in a Grade II-listed manor house and grounds in Chesham, at The Bury. Our community legal services, real estate and commercial groups are based at our head office Capital Court in Uxbridge.

Trainees join in September for a comprehensive two-week induction programme. This includes the opportunity to shadow the trainee currently in your first seat. You will then start in your first trainee seat. IBB’s training seats consist of four seats of six months each, allowing the opportunity to gain experience in varied areas of law.

The training seats offered by IBB are hands-on because they are dependent on operational requirements. This means that the seats vary from time to time, depending on the needs of each team. We usually recruit four trainees each year which means there is a choice of eight seats across our Community Legal Services, Commercial Property, Commercial Services and Private Client teams.

Examples of the seats we offer are:

  • Charities
  • Crime
  • Residential development
  • Commercial real estate
  • Real Estate dispute resolution
  • Commercial dispute resolution
  • Corporate and commercial
  • Wills, trusts and probate (private client)
  • Family and matrimonial (private client)


You will be given more responsibility as you progress and build up your skills within each seat and through your training contract. The nature of each seat is different but you can expect a range of experiences from assisting on large, complex transactions, taking clients’ instructions, drafting documents and dealing with everything that comes in between.

What you do day to day will vary greatly, depending on your seat. You will be treated in the same way as a qualified solicitor in that you have targets to achieve and systems to learn and follow. You will be expected to join in and help run our client events, gain a thorough understanding of the law and practice of the seat you are in and to react quickly and responsively to clients. You will be involved with activity across the firm, including Business Development and Marketing to ensure you have all the key skills to be successful.

Seat Rotations

Seat rotations occur every six months. Prior to seat allocations, seats are advertised and trainees are given the opportunity to put forward their preferences. Seat preferences are considered taking into account the areas of law trainees have covered in their studies, career aspirations and SRA requirements such as specifications for contentious and non-contentious seats. We do our best to make sure second year trainees get their first or second choice, as by then you will usually have a clearer picture of the area in which you want to specialise when you qualify.


You will be allocated a training supervisor who is a partner or senior solicitor relevant to your training seat. Your training supervisor will be your main go to person in that seat and will set you objectives from the outset and meet with you regularly to discuss your progress. The trainee supervisor is also responsible for carrying out your Monitoring of Articles in your relevant seat which is a formal record of your performance.

The training principal is responsible for overseeing the entire Trainee Process. Trainees are required to participate in quarterly trainee meetings which are also attended by the training supervisor and HR to discuss live topics relevant to the training contract and to trainees in general. Trainees will also meet with the training principal regularly to discuss their progress and career aspirations.

Learning and Development

As well as the induction, trainees normally cover the compulsory PSC modules in their first two seats. At the beginning of the second year you will be given advice both on which PSC options will complement your training. Trainees also participate in attending technical seminars run for their group as well as those that are arranged across groups.

Trainees are also encouraged to join their local young solicitors group, which offers wider opportunities for socialising and personal development, including the chance to spend a day shadowing a district judge.

Trainees also benefit from our membership of LawNet – a network of independent quality law firms.

Please refer to our benefits page for further details.

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