Free Employment Law Seminar: Employment Law Updates 2015

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2015 seems set to be a busy year in employment law. The shared parental leave regime is about to commence, the holiday pay issues are being worked through (in the tribunals and by employers) and, of course, the result of the upcoming election will impact employment law policy for the next five years.


Employment law updates in 2015

Therefore, this timely seminar will focus on: 

1) An update on recent legislation, and in particular the impact of the shared parental leave regime and some the thorny issues that may be encountered.

2) A case law update, including where we are with the holiday pay claims and the long awaited outcome of the ‘Lock’ claim.

3) A look at what the outcome of the general election may mean for employers over the next five years.

As always there will be time before, during and after the seminar to ask us any questions and discuss matters with your peers.


IBB Solicitors, Capital Court. 30 Windsor Street, Uxbridge UB8 1AB

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