Questions Asked by Children in Care Proceedings

Questions Asked by Children in Care Proceedings

1. Why can’t I live with my mum or dad at the moment?

This is because your social worker is worried that you may not be safe at home. Ask your social worker to explain why she is worried about you, and your own situation.

2. Can I see my mum or dad if I am living in care?

You can meet your mum and dad if this can be arranged safely; this is called ‘contact’. Most children will see their parents whilst they are in care. You can see other people too who are special to you, such as a brother or sister or grandparent.

3. Will I be able to return home?

This will be decided by the court. If you can return home and be safe, the court will try to make this happen. If you can not return home safely the court will look at whether you can live with another family member or friend, for example a grandparent or aunt or uncle.

4. Who makes the decision about where I will live?

In court, a judge will look at the documents given to them by your social worker and parents; this is called evidence. The judge will also listen to your Children’s Guardian, who will tell the judge what you think should happen, and give the judge recommendations. When the judge has thought about all the information they will decide where you will live in the future.

The judge will make the decision depending on what they thinks is in your best interests. This is more important than what is best for anyone else.

5. Who is a Children’s Guardian?

This person is an adult who is appointed by the court to be the voice of the child or young person. They do not work for social services. They are independent and will tell the court what you think. They will also tell the court what they think is in your best interests for the future.

6. Who is the Children’s Solicitor?

This is a lawyer who represents you and the Children’s Guardian in court. If you have good enough understanding of the court proceedings and you do not agree with your Guardian, the Children’s Solicitor may take instructions from you directly.

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