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£250,000 in compensation after botched laser eye surgery

£250,000 in compensation after botched laser eye surgery

A children’s author and illustrator has been awarded £250,000 in compensation, seven years after botched laser eye surgery left her with blurred vision.

Jan Fearnley, 47, who was shortlisted for a Blue Peter Award for her book Mr Wolf’s Pancakes, went to a private eye clinic to cure her short-sightedness but ended up permanently scarred.

In 2007, Dr Haralabos Eleftheriadis, the ophthalmologist who carried out the routine operation, was found guilty of professional misconduct but Mrs Fearnley had to spend a further five years fighting for compensation. Yesterday, she said she would return the money ‘in an instant’ if she could reverse years of suffering that ‘nearly destroyed’ her.

IBB's Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence team comments:

"It's wonderful to see that Ms Fearnley has finally obtained compensation following this devastating injury. Patients place their faith in the hands of those treating them when undergoing such procedures and expect to be kept safe from harm. Clearly there has been a substantial breach of the duty of care resulting in Dr Eleftheriadis being found guilty of professional misconduct. In such cases it is essential that complaints are made and disciplinary matters implemented to ensure that standards are improved and further negligence is prevented."

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