Charities to Fund Their Own Regulation: Charity Commission Consultation to Follow

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Further to the discussion in the IBB summer charities newsletter, the idea of charities funding their own regulation has been officially put on the Charity Commission‘s agenda. The Charity Commission has announced that it will consult on the idea later this year, with Chair William Shawcross saying this proposed funding model is ‘inevitable’ in light of the government’s continuing cuts and will more closely align with the funding patterns in other parts of society.

The Charity Finance Group has publicly expressed its dissatisfaction with the proposals. It argues that the government need to realise that spending a small proportion of their overall budget on the regulation of charities is a good investment, which will bring both social and economic benefits.

The consultation is likely to be launched this winter and into early next year.

For a further round-up of charity sector news this quarter, click the following link to access the Charity Commission Autumn Newsletter –

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