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Half of Building Sites ‘Are Unsafe’

Half of Building Sites ‘Are Unsafe’

Almost half the building sites inspected by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) last month were operating in a dangerous way. Figures show that the HSE visited over 2,600 sites in September and found that in 1,105 cases, health and safety was below acceptable standards. Refurbishment or repair work was being carried out on all the sites.

Failure To Protect Workers At Height

The most common problems the HSE came across were failure to protect employees working at height, exposure to harmful dust and inadequate welfare facilities. IBB Solicitors has expertise in dealing with personal injury compensation claims. "Unless employers have a genuine fear that shoddy safety practices will be exposed, they will continue to cut corners when it comes to safety." On 644 sites, practices were so poor that enforcement action was necessary to protect workers – with 539 prohibition notices served ordering dangerous activities to stop immediately and 414 improvement notices issued requiring standards to improve. Heather Bryant, HSE's Chief Inspector of Construction, said: "It is disappointing to find a significant number of sites falling below acceptable health and safety standards, where our inspectors encountered poor practice this often went hand in hand with a lack of understanding.” Mrs Bryant said the HSE would work with employers in the industry to drive up standards and eradicate unsafe practices. However, she warned: “Those who recklessly endanger the health and lives of their workforce can expect to face tough consequences."

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