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‘Hidden Camera Plan’ for Care Homes

‘Hidden Camera Plan’ for Care Homes

Hidden cameras could be installed in care homes as part of a new bid to monitor services.

Chief inspector of adult social care Andrea Sutcliffe confirmed that the move had been discussed with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as part of efforts to prevent abuse and neglect.

Other proposals that have been put forward include the use of "mystery shoppers" who would report back on their experiences.

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Ms Sutcliffe said concerned relatives should be able to discuss any problems with care home managers in the first instance.

She told BBC Breakfast: "The most important thing that they should be doing is talking to the care home, talking to the manager of the home directly.

"We know from the work that we have done that that is really important, the way that managers lead their team and provide the support and training for their staff is incredibly important. So if somebody does have any worries or concerns that is their first port of call."

But she insisted that she did not want to "duck" the issue of hidden cameras and said there was a need for a "proper conversation" about the move.

Her plans are due to be outlined in a public consultation early next year.

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