IBB Solicitors’ GDPR Training Packages

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GDPR Training

Package 1: GDPR Information

  • Have a telephone call or meeting with one of our team of specialist commercial solicitors to give you an overview of GDPR and what it means for your business.
  • Rather than providing you with more literature (we are aware there is a lot out there, so you can go snow-blind from it all!), this is an opportunity to ask questions about what it all means for your business.
  • After that call/meeting, we can send a data audit questionnaire to you to enable you to carry out an assessment of your data.

Cost: Fixed fee of £750 plus VAT

Package 2: GDPR Next Steps

  • After completing our data audit questionnaire, we will go through your responses, ask any follow-up questions we may have and then create an action plan of practical next steps.
  • Some of these steps will be things to organise internally (they could be IT measures, employee training, and so on) and some will be suggestions for you to seek external assistance to ensure compliance.
  • We will also review any legal documents provided to us as part of your response to the data audit questionnaire, and provide full scopes of work and bespoke fee options for any drafting we might recommend.

Cost: Fixed fee of £1000 plus VAT

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