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PIP Scandal Report Unveiled

PIP Scandal Report Unveiled

The findings from the NHS report into the scandal surrounding PIP implants have been released.

The results of the findings are mixed, in that they show that the implants are not toxic nor carcinogenic and as such do not represent an immediate danger to anyone who has them. However, they do have a higher rupture rate which is approximately twice that of implants made out of approved silicone gel.

The investigation has shown that PIP implants do not necessarily represent an increased health risk to women as opposed to regular implants. However, women who have already suffered ruptures to their PIP implants have noticed swelling and, in some cases, inflammation of lymph glands. Despite this, there has not been any evidence of an increased cancer risk. Even though a number of the risks that were previously considered to be associated with the implants have been put aside, uncertainty continues to loom.

Fazel Fatah, the president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, has commented:

"Despite rigorous testing showing no long-term danger to human health from the individual chemicals in the gel, the fact remains that PIPs are significantly more likely to rupture and leak and, therefore, cause physical reactions in an unacceptable proportion of the patients."

In the UK, women who have had PIP implants fitted on the NHS can get them removed and replaced free of charge. In Wales, the NHS will also replace those of private patients. In England and Scotland the NHS will remove private patients' implants, but not replace them. The advice for women in the UK with these implants has not changed. If they are uncertain about the manufacture of their implants, they should contact their surgeon or healthcare provider.

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