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Teen Left Brain Damaged During Surgery After Negligent Anaesthetist Makes Catastrophic Blunder

Teen Left Brain Damaged During Surgery After Negligent Anaesthetist Makes Catastrophic Blunder

Appendectomy anesthetic error

A teenager was left with severe brain damage after a small mistake during an appendicitis operation proved "catastrophic". Anna White was just 15 when she was taken to the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan where she was diagnosed with the condition and told she would need an appendicectomy.

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The family have had to move to a bungalow to make it accessible for Anna, now 19. “It has had devastating consequences, but I'm just grateful that Anna is still here and knows who I am. If this hadn't happened, she would have been going to university this year. She wanted to become a midwife and she would have achieved it. I sometimes think ‘why my little girl?’ She had done nothing wrong and didn't deserve this. I am not angry for what I go through, but for what they have taken from her.”

The trust has now admitted negligence, but four years on, Ms White is still fighting a legal battle for compensation to ensure her daughter gets the care and support she needs.

Victim of anaesthetist's

A spokeswoman for the Trust said changes have been implemented since the incident. “The Trust has admitted that the care it provided to Anna White fell below an acceptable standard, and has apologised unreservedly to Ms White for this,” she said. “The Trust has implemented a number of changes to eliminate the possibility of this type of failing occurring in the future. Given that legal proceedings in relation to this care are ongoing, the Trust is unable to offer further comment at this stage”.

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