West London traders to claim over burst pipe

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A burst water main in west London has severely affected businesses and traders over the last week. The incident, which happened in Brentford last Wednesday, could see Thames Water hit by several compensation claims after parts of London Road had to be closed down for repair work. Almost all businesses along the road reported severely reduced customer numbers and said they found themselves in a "ghost town" as the junction with Commerce Road was flooded with thousands of litres of water. Brentford councillor Ruth Cadbury has now written a letter to Thames Water urging the company to compensate affected businesses. A spokesperson for Thames Water said: “We are really sorry for the disruption caused by the pipe that burst last week. Unfortunately, the cold weather has delayed the repair and we now anticipate having the road reopen by Sunday. “Traders can apply for compensation and we will consider each case on an individual basis.” It is the third serious water main burst in the area in just over a year. Our Commercial Dispute Resolution team has extensive experience dealing with complex claims and works with businesses across West London and the surrounding area. For advice, contact a member of the team: call us on 08456 381381 or email commercialdisputes@ibblaw.co.uk.