Children’s Mental Health Week 7 – 13 February 2022

Children’s Mental Health Week 7 – 13 February 2022

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“Growing together” Is the theme for 2022 Children’s Mental Health Week. Place2Be is encouraging children and adults to consider how they have grown, what they need to help grow and how they develop healthy relationships. Emotional and mental growth is vital to better mental health.

Children are now back at school and have some form of normality and routine in place. However, there are some that are going through a difficult time or are struggling with feeling low.

Family disputes, Divorce and Separation

Any form of family dispute will potentially affect a young person’s mental health. The impact of witnessing arguments and being exposed to ongoing conflict between parents will have a significant and negative impact on a young person’s emotional wellbeing.

Unfortunately, when parents do separate the intense and unresolved conflict between parents can place children at risk of mental health issues, behavioural problems, depression, anxiety social, and poor performance at school.

The reality is that children remain in the middle of parental conflict, with many finding it difficult to understand the change in family dynamics. Children are faced with dividing their time with each parent, not seeing both parents daily, and in some cases being exposed to their parents not acknowledging each other, within an artificial environment.  Therefore, is important to ensure that parents and guardians manage conflict and tension in a way that that puts their children’s wellbeing first.

It is important to help you resolve disputes amicably, understanding the changes, that are faced by each member of your family. If you are a parent that needs advice on the issues raised above through adopting a child focused approach, our children law team will guide you through practical solutions.

Focus of healthy relationships so we can Grow together.

Less anxiety, less stress and reduced conflict in relationships.

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