Online Family Law Support

Online Family Law Support

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COVID19 is creating unique family law issues for many people. Anybody who has already separated from a spouse or a partner or is considering this, should be aware of their legal rights.

Lockdown is forcing a slower pace of life and is creating time which many did not have before.  At IBB, our online systems allow you to get started anywhere, any time. We use Artificial Intelligence to give you information that is:

  • Free
  • Instant
  • Personalised
  • Helpful

We can also assemble your complete relationship history online, which will help us reduce costs if you then go onto book in for an appointment with one of our family lawyers.

How it works

The online system enables you to input your personal information and details relevant to your matter, and receive tailored online advice, ahead of your first meeting with us.

The intelligent system collates and presents your information to us in a very helpful format, it means that we start our meeting with you with a good understanding of what the relevant issues are, where you are emotionally and practically, and can ensure that we use our time with you to discuss what matters to you (rather than ensuring we have your address spelt correctly).

The system is easy to use, it enables you to put together the necessary information in your own time. You can dip in and out and skip over questions which you cannot answer. Using this system will save you from being asked to recall all of your financial information within our first meeting, which can be very stressful.

You will be more prepared and get more from the call

Providing the relevant information in your own time enables you to check details and arm your solicitor with as accurate information as possible, doing this in your own time will mean you feel more confident in the information you have provided and the advice you ultimately receive.

Once you have completed the information, you will receive some tailored written advice in writing. You can review and reflect on this advice ahead of the meeting, so you are prepared with a greater level of understanding.

It will save you time, money and stress

We recognise that our clients have busy lives and that they want an efficient, cost effective and stress-free service. Taking the time to complete the online forms now allows us to give you that service.

Please visit the family law website at https://www.ibblaw.co.uk/service/family-matrimonial to obtain free, instant, personalised and helpful advice.

Contact IBB’s family law experts today

IBB Solicitors’ family law practice can provide  expert advice on all aspects of divorce and separation, and other family law issues. To contact the family law team please email familylaw@ibblaw.co.uk or call 03456 381381.