Two-week rapid consultation on remote hearings in the Family Court launched

Two-week rapid consultation on remote hearings in the Family Court launched

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Last week, the President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane announced the commencement of a two-week rapid consultation on the use of remote hearings in the family justice system. The consultation will run until 28 April, enabling the President to receive a summary of the responses by end April, with a view to issuing guidance in early May.

This research project will be undertaken by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory, an independent organisation which is committed to improving life for children and families by putting data and evidence at the heart of family justice system.

The consultation will seek views from those who have had experience of a remote hearing (namely a hearing that has been conducted by telephone, skype or by other remote platform) and/or those with expertise or other relevant experience. They are inviting a response to the following questions:

  • Have you had direct experience of a remote hearing?
  • If yes, what sort of hearing was it, which court centre was involved, through which remote method was it conducted and what was your role?
  • What factors worked well?
  • Did you have any concerns?
  • If you have concerns, do you consider that this way of working was justifiable in the short term?
  • How could the experience be improved in dealing with the current crisis?
  • Have you had any direct feedback from lay clients or third parties (intermediaries/interpreters/experts) as to their experience of the remote hearing?
  • Are you happy to be contacted for further questions?

The research relates to both Public and Private Children Act cases and financial remedy cases and include all ranges of hearings from Interim to Final.

Consultation responses should be sent to consultationfjo@nuffieldfoundation.org or 020 7323 6242 to give responses by telephone.

For more information about the consultation please visit https://www.nuffieldfjo.org.uk/news/rapid-consultation-remote-hearings

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