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Priscilla Adu

Further and Higher Education

Priscilla is passionate about assisting students to ensure that they are treated fairly whilst studying so that they can achieve their full academic potential. Priscilla is regularly instructed in relation to the following:

Priscilla has also represented professionals working in the education sector such as teachers in matters against the Teaching Regulation Agency. Priscilla has a keen interest in Regulatory matters representing other professionals such as Doctors who are regulated by the General Medical Council and Nurses who are regulated by the Nursing Midwifery Council.

Priscilla deals with complex and challenging cases involving multiple legal strands and frequently argues claims in breach of contract, negligence, different forms of discrimination such as disability, gender or race. Priscilla also represents clients in challenges against the decisions and actions of public bodies such as judicial reviews.

She has the ability to explain complex matters in a digestible format. She is also open and transparent when communicating with clients.

Schools and Children

Priscilla is able to assist parents with school children of all ages. Her prior experience in Children Law, combined with her knowledge of the Education Law sector makes her adept when advising parents. Priscilla maintains a calm and empathetic approach when dealing with these sensitive and emotional issues.

Priscilla has had great success in advising and supporting parents to overturn decisions to exclude their children from schools, whether for a fixed term or permanently, following Governing Body Hearings and Independent Review Panels (IRP).

She also has experience in advising parents in relation to complaints at state and private schools. In relation to private school complaints, Priscilla has been successful in arguing against the payment of fees in lieu of notice due to issues faced by the child whilst at attendance at the school.


More about Priscilla

Priscilla sat on the Junior Lawyers Division Executive Committee 2021/22, associated with the Law Society, as a student representative. As part of this volunteering role, she networked with and gained exposure to an array of junior lawyers across the country. Her role allowed her to participate in speaking engagements to discuss her work on the Committee and how students can gain access to the legal profession, a topic she is passionate about.

Priscilla was shortlisted for the LawNet Trainee of the Year Awards 2022/23.

Priscilla is a member of the Education Law Association and hopes to join their management team.

In her spare time, Priscilla enjoys socialising with family and friends, travelling and watching true crime documentaries.


What others say about Priscilla and the Education Team

Client Testimonials

“I know we have said this before but we want to repeat that we are very grateful for the help we have received from IBB.”

I want to thank you for all the work and effort that you put in this case.”

“…I wanted to thank you and Salima again for all your help, it’s been a nightmare th”e past 9-10 months and I couldn’t have succeeded without your hard work and help.”

Testimonials from Counsel

“Priscilla is a complete star.”

“She conducted herself with confidence, had complete command of the material and was excellent with the client.”

“…she has shown herself to be very capable indeed. For example, she recently covered for me at a hearing, with minimal notice, after I contracted Covid. By all accounts, she navigated an extremely challenging situation (a hearing that lasted 5 hours concerning complex disability discrimination issues) with composure and skill.”

“I look forward to seeing her emerge as a key education law solicitor.”

“. Some of the cases we have worked on are, in my view, very complex (a higher education matter which recently went to trial in the County Court before a Circuit Judge springs to mind), but she has always committed herself impressively to them. Pricilla has the benefit of working on education cases with Salima Mawji and Celia Whittuck, and I am sure that she is learning a great deal from this I am sure that she has a bright future.”



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  • Master of Laws (LLM) at BPP University in 2019.