Legal Aid and Family Law

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Public Law Care Proceedings

In Public Law ‘Care Proceedings’, when a Local Authority issues an application for a Care Order or a Supervision Order; all parties who are children, birth parents and those who hold Parental Responsibility for the relevant child are automatically entitled to Legal Aid, which means the Government will pay for your legal representation.

Other family members may be entitled to Legal Aid based on a Means test and a Merits test, either to be joined as a party in Care Proceedings.

Private Law Children Proceedings

For Domestic Violence cases, Legal aid is available in limited circumstances, where you are able to provide evidence that you have been the victim of Domestic Violence, or the child is a subject of abuse. You will also need to pass a Means and Merits test, to check whether you are eligible for Legal Aid.

For more information visit the Legal Aid Agency web site, which includes an ‘eligibility calculator’ to check whether you would pass the means test, on the following link:


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