Heathrow Expansion

On 25 June 2018, MPs voted in support of the Government’s Airports National Policy Statement (ANPS).  The ANPS sets out the need for additional airport capacity in the south-east of England, why the government believes that need is best met by a north-west runway at Heathrow Airport and the specific requirements that will need to be met in order for this third runway to gain development consent.

The next stage in the process is for Heathrow to apply for a Development Consent Order (DCO).  The DCO will provide most of the consents and powers that will be required in order to construct and then operate the third runway.  The decision on whether to grant the DCO will be made by the Secretary of State following a public examination period led by the Planning Inspectorate.

As part of the preparation for this application (which is anticipated to be submitted during 2020), extensive public consultation is taking place with the local community and other affected parties.

In order to construct and operate the third runway, Heathrow will need to acquire land in what is known as the Compulsory Purchase Zone (CPZ).  Owners and occupiers of property outside the CPZ but within close proximity to the airport boundary, the Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ), will also be affected.

Heathrow has published a number of discretionary policies in relation to the acquisition of properties, available compensation and mitigation measures in respect of both the CPZ and the WPOZ.  These supplement the existing statutory regime governing compensation for the compulsory purchase of land. These include the following:

  • Enhanced Compensation Offers – Property Bond Scheme
  • Property Hardship Scheme
  • Noise Insulation Scheme

Supporting you all the way

If your home or business is in the CPZ or WPOZ then we can help including advising you on and submitting applications under the above schemes.  Speak to our Heathrow compensation solicitors on 01895 207217.  Alternatively, email us at propertydisputes@ibblaw.co.uk.


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