Religious Charities

Did you know that 27% of charities registered in Great Britain embody:

  • some form of religious belief or
  • cultural values which arise from religious beliefs

in their vision, mission or history1.

This is a significant proportion of the charitable sector.  To put it into figures, of the 165,226 charities which are registered with the Charity Commission, 44,985 of them are faith-based charities of which Christian based charities make up the vast majority.  It is a fundamental requirement that to be a charity, an organisation must provide a benefit to the public or a section of the public and religious organisations are not excepted from this rule.  In addition to their moral or ethical framework, faith-based charities provide significant, albeit often intangible, public benefits such as:

  • places to pray and worship
  • ceremonies
  • spiritual and moral teachings
  • social cohesion
  • conflict resolution;
  • caring for the sick and bereavement counselling; and
  • the relief of poverty through the conduct of pastoral work in local communities

We can provide the following services to faith-based charities:

  • Employment law
  • Property law
  • Safeguarding of vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Dispute resolution
  • Charity law experts

For more information on  how we can support your faith-based charity or to discuss your requirements please contact one of our charity solicitors today on 01895 207862 or email charities@ibblaw.co.uk


1 New Philanthropy Capital


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