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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Mediation and collaborative law for families

Before commencing Financial or Children Act Proceedings, you should first consider whether matters can be settled by agreement as this is likely to minimise the emotional and financial cost. Agreement can be reached in a number of ways including by way of Mediation or a Round Table Meeting.

In mediation both people need to have a genuine wish to reach an agreement that is fair to the whole family, whilst being willing to disclose fully and honestly all of their financial and personal details.

Family mediation services

Once you have decided to embark on mediation you will need to jointly instruct a mediator. The mediator must be independent. The mediator will assist you to identify the issues between you and work together to reach an agreement in a safe and neutral environment. These are nearly always confidential discussions. It is not an attempt to reconcile. You will both be given the opportunity to speak and put forward your point of view. Where there are discussions about money, you will be expected to give full details of your financial position.

The mediator will remain completely impartial at all times, but will be able to provide guidance and legal information. The mediator will explore all the options with you but cannot give advice.

At the end of each mediation session, the mediator will usually produce a summary which can be used to obtain independent legal advice prior to the next session. It can also form the basis of a legally binding agreement.

Mediation meetings last, on average, one-and-a-half hours. Depending on the complexity of your situation you may reach an understanding following the first meeting, or you may need up to five.

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