Copyright and Database Rights

Copyright can subsist in a wide range of works, from literary, musical and broadcast materials to computer programmes and source code. At IBB our lawyers have experience in dealing with the full panoply of copyright issues and regularly advise and act for clients in the music industry and media as well as software industries, we deal with issues such as the ownership of copyright and whether copyright in the material in question is valid and subsisting.

In addition to possibly attracting copyright protection, the contents of a database may also be protected by a database right. This right exists in both electronic and paper-based databases.

Identify: Copyright and database rights are created automatically. At IBB we have experience in dealing with copyright issues across a range of industries and regularly advise in relation to ownership of copyright works, and whether certain works are capable of copyright protection and the subsistence of database rights.

Protect: Copyright works can be extremely valuable assets and as such are vulnerable to copying and counterfeiting. At IBB we routinely advise and act for a range of companies in relation to ownership of copyright and database rights, as well as disputes as to the infringement and subsistence of copyright and associated rights.

Commercialise: We routinely advise clients in relation to the ownership and licensing of copyright. IBB’s lawyers regularly conduct IP audits in information technology businesses as well as conducting due diligence on such businesses.

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