Trade Secrets and Confidentiality

Often a business’s trade secrets or confidential information will be extremely valuable, but in itself this information is not always protectable as a distinct form of IP right. Therefore companies need to have sufficient contractual protection in place to ensure that their confidential information and trade secrets are adequately identified and protected.

Identify: We work with businesses, from SMEs to large corporates help them identify and understand the types of confidential information and trade secrets being generated by the business and the importance of protecting these and how.

Protect: IBB’s lawyers can help protect your business from the unauthorised release of disclosure of its confidential information. We can advise on the most expedient and cost-effective forum to resolve any disputes.

Commercialise: At IBB we can help your business get the most from its confidential information and trade secrets. We can advise on and draft the documentation necessary to protect and exploit confidential information and trade secrets.

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