Notary Public Services

To make sure your documents are authenticated and can be used both here and abroad, you may need the expert services of a notary.

It’s an important step that helps to minimise the risk of fraud, and ensures the acceptance of your documents overseas. This is as relevant for commercial firms engaged in international trade, as it is for private individuals.

A notary’s signature and seal verifies that your document is genuine, and ensures that it’s recognised across the globe. Working with a qualified and authorised Notary, IBB Solicitors gives you the reassurance that your documents are correctly authenticated and accepted as legally binding for their intended purpose.

Pushed for time and can’t come to us? Our Notary can come to you at your home or place of business at a time that suits you.

Why do I need a Notary?

You may need to book an appointment with our Notary if:

  • You’re doing business overseas
  • You’re getting married outside the UK
  • You’re buying property in Europe or the rest of the world
  • You’re the executor of a will that includes property overseas
  • You want to certify educational qualifications and passports
  • You require documents for opening a bank account abroad
  • You need to certify power of attorney
  • You’re swearing affidavits or taking a legally binding oath

The signature of a Notary is recognised around the world as valid confirmation of the authenticity of documents, particularly legal papers. Without their signature, the validity of your documents could be challenged in court both here and abroad. Protect your interests by ensuring your documents are notarised and authenticated.

Contact us now in confidence to book a consultation with our highly experienced and fully qualified Notary. Please contact Russell Hallam,  in the first instance, to discuss your requirements and be put in contact with our notary. Please call: 01895 201758  or email Russell.Hallam@ibblaw.co.uk.

Alternatively please call reception on 03456 381381 or email enquiries@ibblaw.co.uk.


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