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Child Abuse

Child Abuse

accredited personal injury and child abuse solicitors in west London

At IBB improving the quality of life for victims of abuse is essential. We have experienced child abuse solicitors who act for children who have been victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. We also act for adults who were victims of historical abuse. Our dedicated and compassionate abuse lawyers understand that discussing the abuse may be a painful process. Whether you were abused as a child, or you are a parent or carer of a child that has been abused, our experts will work with you with sensitivity, compassion and complete confidentiality. 

Compensation for the abuse not only allows a victim to bring the perpetrator to justice, but offers the opportunity to obtain specialist long-term support and resources to improve physical, emotional and mental health. We can support you at every step of your  journey towards justice, healing and  recovery. Our abuse solicitors provide you with free initial advice to discuss your case and the possibility of claiming compensation. We offer a No-Win No-Fee Agreement so there is no financial risk involved if you are not successful.  To discuss your case or to make an appointment please contact us on 01895 207284 . Alternatively, please email us at PI@ibblaw.co.uk or complete our online form.



Our experienced child abuse solicitors are here to support you

You could obtain compensation for child physical or sexual abuse in other organisations or environments:

We are acting for victims of child abuse in schools

We are currently acting on behalf of victims who allege that they suffered abuse at the following schools:

If you either worked at any of these schools or attended as a pupil and feel you may be able to assist, please contact us.

Who can you claim compensation from

accredited personal injury and child abuse solicitors in west London

Those claims may be against the abusers, direct, or as more commonly the case, against those who engaged the abuser. Where the claims have been against the abuser’s employer, the courts have had to consider the extent to which the law will make the employer responsible for the paedophile’s actions. Compensation cannot erase the events of the past, but it can help to ensure that the victim has access to medical support, whenever they need it, for the rest of their lives. 

How to make a child abuse compensation claim

It is frequently the case that victims are loathe to come forward to identify paedophiles. There are many reasons for this. However, it is important that once victims decide they want to take action in consequence of their suffering, they do so as soon as possible. The reason for this is set out in our note on Time Limits.

Society is much more aware of the risks to young people and numerous steps have been taken to protect children at school and elsewhere. However, this is relatively recent. Unfortunately earlier generations were not so well served by their elders, the consequence of which was that many children were abused, the majority of which appears to be whilst under the care of those where were thought to be trustworthy.

The abuse of children in these homes has come to the public's attention over the last 20 years, with many paedophiles being convicted for crimes perpetrated decades before. Whilst custodial sentences prevent paedophiles from repeating their crimes, this step alone does not help the victims, who may have been living with the horrors of their treatment for many years. Fortunately, the civil courts are available for victims of child abuse, to pursue compensation, for their suffering.

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If you want to enquire about making a child abuse claim, please contact us today. Abuse law is a complex area, and if you are considering claiming compensation it is important to work with specialist child abuse solicitors to ensure the greatest chance of a successful claim. If you would like to enquire about making a claim, please contact our abuse solicitors on 01895 207284 . Alternatively, please email us at PI@ibblaw.co.uk or complete our online form  and one of our team will be able to help you.


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Malcolm Underhill

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