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Testimonial From Criminal Defence Client: "Eddie is nothing short of a hero"

I obtained your name from the receptionist at IBB as I understand you are Eddie Tang's Line Manager, and I wanted to write a letter praising his handling of my case.

I'm 49 years old, have never been in trouble with the law and I run my own company.

Last year I unfortunately, and stupidly got embroiled in the most distressing situation, arising from a neighbour dispute, where I was accused of a common assault I did not commit.

Eddie was recommended to me by [details removed], a friend and neighbour in [details removed] where I was living when this incident happened.

Right from the beginning, Eddie believed in me and fought to clear my name.  He was always civil, kind, knowledgeable, patient, funny, supportive and insightful, and even though this was hardly the  most serious of the cases that he deals with, he gave it 100 per cent of his ability and devotion.  

The prospect of gaining a criminal record for a crime of this nature, which I did not commit, was to me distressing enough on a personal level, but would have had a devastating effect on me  professionally, particularly as I regularly travel to the US in my capacity as a [details removed], and the problem with declarations on US visa applications would have been disastrous...

Yesterday, after a year and one adjournment, Eddie, in conjunction with [details removed], barrister from [details removed], got the case dropped by the Prosecution.   I am officially not guilty, and have no  injunctions or other limits to my freedom, or smears to my good name.  An amazing and just result.  I don't think I would have gotten this without Eddie.

People are so ready to write letters of complaint, but I think they very rarely remember to write letters of praise and thanks.  Eddie deserves both.  He is an unbelievably competent solicitor, but  just such a great guy too.  He is a priceless credit to your firm, and I just wanted to let you know that.

It would also be remiss of me to negate to thank any receptionists, secretaries or assistants with whom I spoke.  I have never been as stressed as I was over this case, and when I rang or visited  the offices, I was often overwrought.  I was always treated with patience and respect and every enquiry was dealt with efficiently, competently and above all politely and kindly.

I hope I never have recourse to have to instruct a criminal solicitor again, but if I had to, Eddie would be my first port of call.  And if any friends or family found themselves in need of  representation, I would not hesitate in recommending him most highly.

Eddie is nothing short of a hero in my eyes! 

[Identify withheld for confidentiality reasons]

Criminal Defence Client

I am writing on behalf of James but I would also like to say a few things concerning his case. First of all myself and James would like to say a thank you for all the hard work Eddie Tang and Mark Butler put into this case to bring James the best possible outcome. Mr Tang kept me informed on all aspects of the case, explaining to me in layman terms exactly what was happening and spoke to me on a level, as I have never dealt with police, court cases, judges and the whole legal system before. Mr Tang was completely honest with me from the outset, with James' consent, and guided me through the whole horrible process. I would like to say a personnel thank you to him for his help and guidance. In court Mr Butler was brilliant. He was cool, calm and collected and solely got this best possible outcome for James. He also dealt with me on a professional level but could see my ignorance of the court system and helped me understand what was happening in court. Both myself and James would like to say thank you to both Mr Tang and Mr Butler and both of us will be recommending your company to friends and family who might need your services in the future.

(Client names' have been amended for confidentiality reasons).