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Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

Testimonial From a RTA Victim

"I would like to thank IBB for their excellent support and expert advice. I was most impressed by their highly professional yet personal service. They dealt with all my questions and concerns with patience and guided me every step of the way. They maintained regular contact through timely and clear communication, and were very thorough in considering various aspects of the case.  

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends, family and colleagues.  

I am particularly grateful to Simon and Aideen for their full support during the entire process.  Right from the outset, Simon was very accurate in his assessment of the case and made clear recommendations based on his expert judgement".   

Testimonial from SA, Berks

Testimonial For IBB: Vicki Gilman, Chair BABICM Training Events Group

Vicki Gilman, Case Manager and Chair  British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers [BABICM] Training Events Group.

"BABICM were delighted to jointly present with IBB ‘The Litigation Journey’ in 2015 – our collaboration created an event that saw an exploration of the medico legal framework delegates find themselves working within, providing relevant practical advice and culminating in a mock trial. The input and sponsorship from IBB for this event ensured an exceptional day for delegates as well as supporting the ongoing work of BABICM in upholding and supporting the standard of brain injury case management in the UK and beyond".

Testimonial for IBB's Personal Injury Team

What was your experience with IBB Solicitors?

I am very happy with the overall experience I had with IBB Solicitors. They made the process very easy and always kept me updated with significant progress of my claim. 

Why would you recommend us?

I would recommend IBB Solicitors, as they remained professional and considerate throughout the progress of my claim, always kept me informed of any changes that happened as the claim progressed, and were generally very helpful, understanding and compassionate. 

Is there any person who stood out? - If so why?

Malcolm Underhill - If I ever had any questions regarding my claim he was very happy to answer and make sure I understood completely.

Aideen McGarry - Aideen was really helpful, always called me if I was unsure of anything and would make sure I understood completely. She always kept me up to date with the progress of my claim.

     -  GP, Greater London

Testimonial for Simon Pimlott: Personal Industrial Injury Claim

Testimonial and thank you letter for Simon Pimlott.

(a) What was your experience with IBB Solicitors?

IBB Solicitors were recommended to me by the GMB Union in April 2013 my personal industrial injury at work. All channels of communication were easy and effective. My questions were answered in good response time and in professional manners.

(b) Why would you recommend us?

IBB was trusting, professional and very efficient dealing with my personal injury claim. I was provided with updates and advice from health experts. I would strongly recommend IBB Solicitors especially senior solicitor Simon Pimlott and his team for outstanding work.

(c) Is there any person who stood out in particular? If so – why?

IBB Senior solicitor Simon Pimlott would be someone I would recommend as I felt comfortable with the way he explained how the case was progressing and was very supportive during my difficult time. 

I would like to say Thank you for your support, assistance and outcome of my personal injury claim. I couldn’t do it without you. I will be sending a positive response letter to the GMB Union explaining the benefit of working alongside IBB Solicitors.

Testimonial from:  RH - Herts

Testimonial for Simon Pimlott: Personal Injury Claim, Resulting From a Car Accident

Testimonial and thank you letter for Simon Pimlott

"Dear Mr Pimlott,

Re: Personal Injury Claim Settlement

I have today received a cheque in full and final settlement in regards of compensation for my personal injury claim, resulting from a road traffic accident which I was involved in on 30 April 2012.

I would like to take this opportunity of expressing my sincere gratitude to yourself and all those who assisted you in bringing my claim to a successful conclusion. Although you only took over my claim in October 2015, I found that you were very quickly aware of the facts of my case and continued to provide excellent advice and counsel, as had your predecessor, Miss Laura Thompson.

Having never been involved in anything of this nature before, I did start my claim with a certain trepidation. I need not have worried. From day one everything was taken care of. Medical appointments, letters, interviews, advice, reports and feedback were dealt with quickly, efficiently and more importantly, in an easy to read and understand format. More than adequate notice was given for medical appointments which was most considerate as the majority were in London and involved a fair amount of travelling on my part.

Although I only met with you and Miss Thompson twice, both occasions were a pleasure. I found you both very easy to talk to, informative, knowledgeable and professional. Your advice was excellent and proved to be correct on every point.

I am sure there were many people who assisted in my claim whose names and roles I am unaware of. I would like you to pass on my gratitude to them as well, as I am aware that cases like mine are a team effort. The results of my claim just prove the great team that you have within your company.

Once again Simon, I would like to thank you and everyone involved in my claim for what you achieved on my behalf.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you or your company to any one who may need legal advice or representation in the future, and I would certainly engage your company again on any legal matter should the need arise.

Yours Sincerely

Steve Foxon"  

Client Testimonial For IBB's PI Team

a. When I was faced with a challenging defendant IBB guided and fully supported me through what I envisaged would be a difficult process maintaining professionalism throughout. 

b. Any concerns I had were addressed in layman’s language and I was never left feeling uncertain that the correct approach was being made or that I was not receiving the best possible representation. The team conducted my matter with great control and achieved an excellent outcome for me without undue complication. IBB simply exceeded my expectations.


Testimonial From a Victim of Child Abuse

It was excellent from the first phone call right until the end. They don't give up. They fight all the way to get you justice. [Malcolm Underhill] took my case and ran with it and put three years work into it.

Testimonial From Heather Miller, Brain Injury Case Manager

Heather Miller is a brain injury case manager who deals with patients with serious head and brain injuries. As a case manager Heather works with a variety of professionals who work together to support the rehabilitation and care of brain injury victims.

Heather discusses her experience working with Malcolm Underhill, accredited brain injury lawyer and compensation claims expert at IBB Solicitors.

For advice on making a compensation claim for a head or brain injury please contact Malcolm Underhill on 01895 207972 or via email on malcolm.underhill@ibblaw.co.uk . Alternatively please visit http://www.ibblaw.co.uk/service/personal-injury-and-clinical-negligence/... for advice on obtaining compensation for your injury.

Testimonial for Malcolm Underhill From a Victim of Childhood Abuse

A victim of abuse in childhood has recorded a testimonial for Malcolm Underhill.

Thank You Letter From Client: "We very much appreciate your assistance"

Thank you letter sent to Simon Pimlott, personal injury and clinical negligence solicitor:

"Many thanks indeed for your letter of  the 27th February enclosing the cheque in settlement of the claim. We very much appreciate your assistance in this matter and perhaps you would pass on our thanks to those involved."

Thank You Email From Client: "You have been an amazing solicitor"

Client email to Malcolm Underhill:  

“I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me.  It has not been easy but you have been an amazing solicitor, giving me excellent advice and being so patient with me . I am beyond grateful for your efforts and all the hard work you have put into my case.

You saw me right at the beginning of my rehab experience when I was scared and didn't know what to expect…. However, you reassured me that you would try your best and you have exceeded that. So for that I am again so thankful. “