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"Extremely Satisfied" -Testimonial for IBB's Family and Matrimonial Team

"I have been extremely satisfied with the help I have received from Charlotte regarding very personal family matters after divorce. I have been very pleased with the way it has been handled and I was totally put at ease in what has been a very traumatic period of my life. Thankyou!"

- Kim

(First published on Review Solicitors  02.12.18)

Testimonial for IBB's Family and Matrimonial Team

"On behalf of both of us can I record our gratitude for both your professional, as well as your personal support.  As you can imagine it was a tough day for her, and there is no doubt that your personal support was a vital component in her coming through the harrowing experience so well. I know that she was dreading the day but your consideration and support throughout the day was an essential component in achieving a positive outcome.  Your reaction was a compliment to you and vital to getting her back on her feet to face the rest of the day.

We would be obliged if you would also pass on our thanks to Will for his professional and personal support. How you guys work in such a chaotic and disorganised environment, and stay focussed on getting the right outcomes just amazes me. We are both confident that we are in good hands for the challenges, particularly finance related, that lie ahead. If I can use a metaphor? There is a long way to go but I know [she] now feels that the train has at least left the station, rather than being parked up in the sidings waiting for a signal to go green and the proposed journey being changed all the time".

- David

"Excellent Advice and Execution" - Testimonial For IBB's Family and Matrimonial Team

"Excellent advice and execution".


(First published on Review Solicitors 03.10.18)

"Cannot Praise Them Enough" - Testimonial For IBB's Family and Matrimonial Team

"We used Amanda Melton and her team when our stepfather left our mother and finances had to be split. Also for our mothers change of Will etc. We also used IBB Conveyancing dept after our mother sadly passed away. Cannot praise them enough".

- Christina

(First published on Review Solicitors 09.08.17 )

Client Testimonial: "Outstanding Service, Communication and Effort"

Client Testimonial for IBB and Charlotte Southworth, family and divorce solicitor:

"Outstanding Service, Communication and Effort.  This was a difficult and sometimes stressful proceedings due to the initial filing being done in the UK but then both respondent and petitioner moved back to the USA."

"Excellent guidance and sound advice , particularly since Charlotte Southworth took charge of matters."

- Mr David Goldstone; California, USA 



Thank You Letter From Client to Amanda Melton

Thank you letter sent to Amanda Melton, partner and family and divorce solicitor:

“Thank you very much indeed for transforming a potentially ghastly, humiliating and expensive  process into something manageable and kind. “