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Forced marriages to be made illegal

Forced marriages to be made illegal

David Cameron has announced that a new crime will be added to the statute book – that of forcing someone into marriage.

The Prime Minister said the Government will make it illegal to contravene a ruling made by courts in the UK, excluding Scotland, preventing a marriage. The PM has told the Home Secretary to begin a consultation on how to make it an offence.

The move follows the rejection of a call to make it illegal from the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee by Theresa May's department just three months ago. At the time, the Home Office said that such a move would make it less likely that victims would approach the authorities.

The change of tactic was unveiled during a speech by the PM in which he set out measures designed to address immigration

"To force someone into marriage is completely wrong. And I strongly believe this is a problem we should not shy away from addressing. But I know that there is a worry that criminalisation could make it less likely that those at risk will come forward," he said

"So, as a first step, I am announcing today that we will criminalise the breach of Forced Marriage Prevention Orders," Mr Cameron added.

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