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The hotel sector has proved resilient to economic fluctuations within the capital; less so outside. With occupancy, supply and rates set to increase in the South East, you need to work with lawyers who provide a competitive advantage and a clear understanding of the unique challenges that face your industry.

At IBB  we are passionate about our work in the hotels sector, and dedicate ourselves to delivering value to our clients.

Whether you are an international hotel chain, private owner/operator, developer, investor or lender, our team has the experience to support you with the acquisition, financing, development, management, operation and disposal of your hotels.

Working with the hotel industry

Our hotel clients include some of the largest names in the country as well as boutique hotels and international operations. They rely on our expertise to help them with a wide range of requirements. We can provide advice and support in:

We’re not just here to advise you on legal issues, but to provide you with expert advice on developing and protecting your brand, expanding your portfolio of property or redistributing your assets to maximise profit. We work hard to help you manage your business, so you can focus on providing your clients with the best possible visitor experience.

In the past we have worked with clients to identify opportunities for new development, including  major international hubs such as Heathrow. Our dedicated solicitors are experienced in representing clients’ interests in all dispute resolution processes, such as litigation and mediation, but also those specific to the sector including BFA arbitrations.  We can help with staff disputes, letting to third parties (such as restaurants) and franchising.