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Insurance Disputes

The decision over whether or not an insurance claim should be paid by insurers is often of critical importance, both to the policyholder and to the insurers. For policyholders, a rejected claim can leave them many thousands or even millions of pounds out of pocket. For insurers, accepting a questionable claim can set an expensive precedent.

When there is a dispute over an insurance claim, or uncertainty over whether a particular claim falls within the terms of an insurance policy, both sides can benefit from expert legal advice. In many cases, a time-consuming and costly legal dispute can be avoided with early intervention and a sensible, pragmatic approach from a specialist insurance solicitor.

At IBB Law, we are regularly called on to advise where a dispute has arisen between policyholders and insurers. We can also provide insurance advice at an earlier stage, offering our expert opinion on whether a particular claim is likely to be covered by a specific policy.

Where there has been a change to your policy, we can advise on how this may affect you and/or your business, as well as providing advice on compliance with the terms of an insurance policy.

Our team generally advises on matters where the value of the disputed claim is in excess of £50,000 up to and including multi-million pound claims. Our clients include businesses and professionals within the construction, property and financial services sectors, as well as several major insurers.

We understand the need to keep the legal costs involved proportionate to the claim’s value, so will always advise you on the likely cost of the various options available to you. You can then make the right financial decision for your situation.

Wherever possible, our insurance solicitors will seek to resolve your dispute amicably through negotiation, saving you time and money. We can guide you through the insurers’ complaints process, advise you in relation to complaints to Lloyd’s, or help you to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service.  Ultimately, we can represent you in Court proceedings where required.

For expert advice on an insurance dispute, please call 03456 381381 or email for immediate assistance.