Employment Law Services for Individuals

In most cases, relationships between individuals and their employers are good, but there are times when disagreements and disputes arise, and relationships break down. At IBB Law, we can help you find practical solutions to workplace issues.

A proactive approach to workplace problem-solving

We provide specialist advice and representation for executives, managers, directors and high-net-worth individuals.

Rather than immediately assume that the only way of settling a problem is by making an employment tribunal claim or a civil claim, when experiencing difficulties in the workplace, we take a more proactive approach to problem-solving and conflict resolution.

We look for practical solutions rather than jumping straight into litigation.

IBB’s employment law team includes some of the region’s top-ranked employment lawyers with decades of experience advising and representing individuals of all levels. We are specialists in getting the best outcomes we can for our clients.

We offer employment services to individuals in a variety of locations, so click to see where we have previously helped our clients with their employment situations.

Specialists in all aspects of employment law

We help individuals understand how the complex legal framework affects and protects their individual circumstances. We advise on the best tactics to strengthen the individuals position: whether that be to enable the individuals to remain in employment or to enhance their exit negotiating position.

If you would like to discuss your employment situation whether that be reviewing your employment contract or dealing with a dispute then call us today in confidence on 03456 381381, or email your details to employmentlaw4you@ibblaw.co.uk.


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