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Relationship and family breakdown can be complicated and emotionally challenging, with most people keen to secure a fair and reasonable outcome while keeping conflict to a minimum, especially where children are involved.

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The Family Practice at IBB are acutely aware of the complex financial and emotional issues that individuals face when dealing with a family breakdown.  Our highly experienced family lawyers are aware of the options that are available when dealing with a relationship breakdown or related family issue and can advise individuals on the best option for them depending upon their circumstances. This often involves trying to resolve matters in a conciliatory way aiming to reduce tensions and avoid the costs of having to attend court. However, where this is not possible, we are equipped to advise and represent individuals through the court process.

Our lawyers are experienced, sensitive and straight-talking. We aim to guide you through the options cutting through the confusion and uncertainty that can surround individuals experiencing a family breakdown or those wishing to embark upon a relationship whether this is a marriage or a cohabitation issue.

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do, so we will want to establish what you want to achieve and focus on getting the right solution for you and your family. Within our practice we have a depth of family law experience and ability to support clients’ through a range of complex issues.

Our family lawyers are based in West London and Buckinghamshire but work with clients all over the UK and abroad, with expertise in acting for high-net-worth individuals involving assets ranging from £2m to £10m, as well as complex international issues such as taking children abroad following divorce or separation and enforcing financial agreements abroad or in the UK.

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Why IBB Law are the safe choice for family law

Our family lawyers have been widely recognised for their leading expertise in all areas of family law, having achieved a number of valuable professional memberships as well as winning recognition from leading client guides the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.

We are ranked Tier 1 by the Legal 500 for Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Middlesex, as well as being Band 2 ranked by Chambers & Partners for Watford, Uxbridge and the surrounding area. This recognises our status as one of the leading teams of family lawyers in the South East.

Our family law team includes several members of Resolution, the widely respected network of family lawyers committed to removing conflict from family law, reflecting our focus on making divorce and separation easier and more effective for you.

How we can secure the right outcome for you while keeping conflict to a minimum

When you are involved in a relationship breakdown or any other issues connected to your family, getting a fair outcome while avoiding unnecessary conflict is usually a priority.

Our family practice in West London and Buckinghamshire has a team of highly skilled lawyers able to communicate in a non-confrontational way to try and achieve a resolution, with the ability to adapt our approach to your situation and needs.

The family practice are aware of the range of alternatives to court proceedings and  are experienced in Dispute Resolution (DR)– Considering the alternative options when trying to resolve matters can be effective at achieving outcomes that work for everyone involved, while avoiding the time, expense and conflict often associated with court proceedings.

Family Mediation

Mediation is now the most commonly used approach for making financial settlements and deciding on arrangements for children during divorce and separation. It can be used for specific issues or to work out all the practical details involved in ending your relationship.

The process involves one of our trained mediators meeting with you and your former partner over a series of sessions to assist outline and narrow the issues that are important to you and preventing you both moving forward. The mediator is there to help facilitate your discussions and support an agreement, while aiming to defusing any potential conflict.

Round table meetings

Parties can also arrange round table meetings where both parties and their lawyers meet with a view to resolve any outstanding issues between and reach an agreement together. It is important that there is a clear agenda and that both parties have received full financial disclosure prior to this meeting to ensure negotiations are effective.

Financial and children law Arbitration

Arbitration can be an effective way of resolving matters. The parties agree to use an arbitrator who can make a decision during the process that is then housed in an agreement and filed with the court for approval. This is often a more cost effective and swifter way of addressing issues.

Private hearing

If the parties are involved in court proceedings, then there is an opportunity to consider a Private hearing after the first hearing has been dealt with. This allows parties to manage the process in line with their own needs and timetables, which ensures less delay and a more seamless process and no need to attend court as this hearing is usually arranged in Chambers with a barrister who is appointed as the Judge.

The outcome is of equally binding on the parties and is often a sensible choice for those who wish to manage the process is a swifter and more flexible way.

The team at IBB are experienced in advising clients regarding this option and have good relationships with experienced barristers who are able to deal with such hearings.

Our areas of specialist family law expertise

We have expertise and an established record of advising and supporting individuals through a family breakdown or assisting individuals who are about to embark upon a relationship whether this be marriage or cohabitation.

Our team can guide you through every stage of the divorce process, including completing and submitting a divorce petition, responding to divorce petitions and promptly applying for the Decree Absolute to legally end your marriage.

We can also advise you on issues such as international divorce, judicial separation, civil partnership dissolution and separation for unmarried couples.

Our team have an exceptional reputation for dealing with all of the financial aspects of divorce, with a strong focus on high value and complex finances, including settlements involving family business and other business vehicles, pensions, and other investments both in the UK and abroad.

We can advise on issues including dividing assets, finding and tracing assets, inheritance issues, family trusts, family homes, protecting family wealth. We are also aware of the related tax issues that can accompany dividing and sharing certain assets and work with reputable financial professionals who can assist in in advising individuals and helping them secure a sensible outcome.

Deciding where your children will live and their future the arrangements is often the most emotionally fraught aspect of divorce and separation. Our family lawyers handle these issues with compassion and clear-thinking, helping to achieve the right balance to protect your rights as a parent and your children’s best interests.

We can also advise on specific issues affecting you and your children, including relocation and moving overseas, changing a child’s school, child support, parental responsibility and rights for unmarried couples.

Having a legal separation rather than getting divorced can sometimes be a good option for a number of reasons. It may be that you do not wish to get divorced for religious reasons, you may think there is still a chance to save your marriage or you may simply want some time before taking the next step.

Our family team can advise you on various options, including applying for a judicial separation or creating a voluntary separation agreement. This can allow you to sort out how issues such as your finances and any children you have together will be dealt with, giving you certainty that your needs and those of your loved ones will be met.

Pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements are increasingly common, but it is essential that they are created in the right way to have legal standing if later relied upon during divorce proceedings.

Our family lawyers can help you obtain a pre-nuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement, as well as advising on issues such as family trusts, buying property with your partner and various other ways of protecting assets.

With an increasing number of couples choosing to live together without getting married – the numbers increased from 15.3% to 17.9% in 2017, equating to 3.4 million. –  it is important to consider what would happen if you were to separate, especially if you own property together, or have children together.

Our team can also advise you on how to deal with addressing your concerns prior to cohabiting and have experience of drafting cohabitation agreement that set out practical issues and assists you in managing any financial concerns you may have and how these would be dealt with should your relationship end, This can provide both parties with peace of mind and  avoid arguments and litigation in the event of separation.

We also advise same sex couples on the legal aspects of family life, including issues such as pre-civil partnership agreements (also known as ‘pre-registration agreements’), civil partnership dissolution, financial settlements and parental rights.

We can also advise you on divorce for same sex couples, including in relation to issues such as same sex infidelity, which is not currently treated in the same way as opposite sex infidelity under English law, and international divorce for same sex couples.

Our team is equipped to deal with all issues relating to domestic violence or individuals that have been living with a coercive and controlling partner.

We can take you through the various legal options that are available to you in a clear and sensitive way. This will include making an application to the court for an injunction to protect you and your children and dealing with any other related financial issues that arise as a result of your separation or divorce.  We also have access to a range of other facilities and professionals that can offer support during this difficult time.

Related legal services we offer

Alongside our family law expertise, we can also offer the support of dedicated legal specialists in many other areas to help with important practical issues connected to family law.


Dealing with property is often a key part of ending a relationship, while it can also present issues when moving in with your partner, buying a home together or getting married. It is therefore essential to have the right legal support to ensure everything is dealt with quickly, smoothly and effectively.

Whether you are buying a property with your partner, or need to sell your home, remortgage or transfer ownership as part of a separation, our Conveyancing Quality Scheme accredited residential property lawyers can skilfully guide you every step of the way.

Wills, Trusts & Probate

When getting married, buying a property with a partner, getting divorced or going through any other significant changes of circumstances, it is important to think about the future of your estate and how your loved ones will be provided for after you are gone.

Our Wills & Inheritance Quality Scheme accredited wills, trusts, and probate lawyers can advise you on everything from creating or updating your will to setting up and managing family trusts, and dealing with probate.

Our family law fees

It is important to us that you are clear at the outset as to what legal costs you will incur. We aim for total transparency with regard to these costs at all stages throughout your case, enabling you to manage these costs.

We can provide initial consultations at a reduced fixed fee, where we can advise you as to your options moving forward and provide you with a clear idea as to the steps that are available to you in your specific circumstances.

To find out more about our family law fees, please take a look at our pricing policy.

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If you would like to discuss any aspect of family law, are considering divorce proceedings or a trial separation, or want to draw up a pre or post-nuptial agreement, call us in absolute confidence on 03456 381381 or email us at

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