Road Traffic Offences for Business Owners

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Road Traffic Offences for Business Owners

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a tough job.  And if your drivers or vehicles are subject to fines, endorsements or even vehicle confiscation, it could have a huge impact on operations, whether you are just running a couple of company cars or a large fleet of commercial vehicles.  At IBB Law we are committed to providing business owners and transport managers with expert legal advice and guidance.

We have a specialist team familiar with the Road Traffic Act from cover to cover, including tachograph offences.  We can advise you on possible legal action from your own drivers if you have been accused of neglecting your duty of care obligations.

Whilst a road traffic offence may not lead to employees being away from work for a long time, there are other negative impacts for businesses. Worried and distracted employees are not fully productive. If you have employees who conduct meetings over a large geographical area and whose diaries are booked up months in advance then the prospect of them losing their licences, letting down valued clients and not being able to fulfil their work obligations can have far-reaching consequences, and the rest of your team will have to step into the breach.

Having a trailer full of perishable goods impounded by the police who wish to interview the driver about a traffic violation can have huge financial implications.

We are able to attend at your work-place to advise you on how to deal with the pitfalls of managing a fleet of drivers and cars, or to advise your staff on road traffic issues, such as the danger of being tempted to suggest that someone else takes the points or how to minimise the risk of penalty points.

If your business is being impacted by prosecution under the Road Traffic Act, call our expert legal team now to ensure your business stays on the move.

Call our road traffic and drink / drug driving offences solicitors today on 0330 999 4999 for advice and immediate representation at a police station.  Alternatively, email us at