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Business & Corporate Immigration Service

If your business or organisation requires skilled employees and professionals from abroad, our business immigration lawyers can support you. We can also advise on all types of visa applications for people seeking to work in the UK.

At IBB Law, we understand that talented employees are the life-blood of a successful organisation. We will work hard to ensure that you have the finest people in place to facilitate the growth and development of your organisation or – if you are planning to move to the UK for work – that you can do so successfully and smoothly.

Our corporate immigration lawyers will carefully review your requirements and provide the best advice to support your needs. Drawing on our extensive experience, we deliver high-quality advice in a cost-effective and timely manner, ensuring you can achieve your goals.

We can help with all aspects of sponsorship licence applications, management and compliance, as well as advising on applications for a wide range of UK work visas.

If you need fast, reliable support to bring someone to the UK or to work in the UK, IBB Law is ready to help.

A complete service for all your business immigration requirements

Our business immigration service covers employers, employees, entrepreneurs, tour organisers for musicians, entertainers and sportspeople, and more on the full range of immigration issues, including:

Our corporate immigration lawyers can also advise UK businesses looking to move people abroad through our network of international partner firms.

Find out more about how we tailor our corporate immigration service to your requirements.

Our corporate immigration experience

Our corporate immigration lawyers work with clients all over the world, including the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Asia and EU countries.

Typical clients for our business immigration service include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • Small and medium size business
  • Multi-national corporations
  • Universities, colleges and other educational establishment
  • Construction businesses
  • Logistics businesses
  • Restaurants & hospitality businesses
  • Healthcare businesses
  • Engineering businesses
  • Agriculture businesses

Why choose IBB Law for your business immigration needs?

We stand out from our competitors. Our UK business immigration lawyers can offer:

  • In-depth knowledge of the UK Immigration laws, policies and procedures.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments in UK immigration rules so that you always receive accurate and effective advice.
  • A cost-effective and timely service with great attention to detail.
  • Independently accredited immigration expertise with our team being ranked by leading client guide the Legal 500 for Immigration Law.
  • The benefits of working with a full-service law firm. We are able to provide clients with a uniquely broad spectrum of services and offer tailor-made legal solutions to best suit your business requirements.

Looking for immediate advice on business immigration?

If you need fast, practical support to bring someone to the UK, our expert business immigration team will be happy to assist.

To discuss your situation with our industry-leading business immigration solicitors, you can call us on 03456 381381 or email

How we tailor our corporate immigration service to your requirements

Whatever your requirements, we can provide tailored advice to help you achieve your business or work goals. Below, you can read more about how corporate immigration solicitors can assist with the following:

For specific advice on how we can assist with your unique requirements, please get in touch to speak to one of our experienced UK business immigration lawyers.

Sponsorship licence applications for UK businesses

When your business needs to recruit overseas talent, it is essential that you can do so quickly and smoothly, while ensuring full compliance with the UK’s complex immigration laws.

We can assist with every stage of the process, from understanding your eligibility to become an immigration sponsor, through to the sponsor licence application process, managing your role as a sponsor, bringing individual employees to the UK and dealing with sponsorship licence refusals.

Our UK business immigration lawyers can assist with matters including:

  • Sponsor License for Workers (skilled or long-term employment) / Temporary Worker (for specific types of temporary employment)
  • Sponsor Management System maintenance
  • Certificates of sponsorship
  • Compliance, audit and training
  • Right to work checks
  • Assistance with the genuine vacancy requirement
  • Sponsorship licence refusals

Sponsorship licence management and compliance

There are strict management and compliance requirements for any organisation holding a sponsorship licence. These include having the right key personnel in place, carrying out appropriate checks on the eligibility of overseas workers and correct use of the Home Office Sponsorship Management System (SMS).

Failure to meet the required management and compliance standards can have very serious consequences, including the potential downgrading, suspension or loss of your licence, as well as the possibility of a prison sentence or substantial fine in the worst case scenario. It is therefore strongly recommended to seek expert support for your sponsorship licence management and compliance responsibilities.

Our business immigration lawyers can assist with all aspects of sponsorship licence management and compliance, including:

  • Auditing your HR policies and procedures
  • Clear advice on resolving any potential issues
  • Acting as level 1 users for your organisation, taking the strain of day-to-day sponsorship management and compliance off your hands
  • Support for using the Home Office Sponsorship Management System (SMS)
  • Issuing certificates of sponsorship (CoS) for new employees
  • Providing advice for prospective overseas employees
  • Advice on demonstrating the genuine vacancy requirements have been met

UK immigration advice for international businesses

If your business wishes to establish a presence in the UK or transfer employees to the UK from a team in another country, there are strict rules with which you need to comply.

We regularly advise international businesses on the process for bringing employees to the UK, whether to join an existing team or to gain a foothold in the UK market.

Our corporate immigration solicitors advise international businesses on matters including:

  • Management of high volume transfers of employees
  • Using the Global Business Mobility (GBM) immigration routes
  • Representatives of overseas businesses

Immigration advice for universities and colleges

Educational institutions often rely heavily on international staff and students, so it is essential to be able to effectively navigate the UK’s immigration rules.

We work with a number of universities and colleges, supporting them with all aspects of immigration law, helping them to attract the very best staff and students from around the world.

Our UK immigration lawyers can advise on matters including:

  • Sponsor licences for universities and colleges
  • Visas for teachers, professors and other staff
  • Student visas

Immigration advice for entrepreneurs

For people planning to start a business in the UK, there are dedicated visas routes, but each has strict requirements that you must be able to demonstrate you can meet.

With extensive experience advising entrepreneurs, we can give you the best chance of a smooth entry to the UK, as well as being able to provide additional legal expertise, including for corporate & commercial law.

Our UK immigration lawyers advise entrepreneurs on matters including:

  • Establishing a business presence in the UK
  • Business visitor visa
  • Investor / Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1), although this route closed in February 2022 we can can assist with extension and settlement applications

Advice on UK work visa applications

Getting a visa to work in the UK is not always straightforward. It is important to choose the right type of visa for your circumstances, then make sure you complete your application fully and accurately to avoid any unnecessary delays or the risk of your visa application being refused due to simple errors.

With many years of experience helping people from all over the world to apply for UK work visas, we can help to ensure you apply for the right visa type, that you include all of the right information and that every stage of your application is handled the right way to give you the best chance of securing a UK work visa.

Our business immigration solicitors can assist with all types of UK work visas, including:

  • Skilled Worker route
  • Global Business Mobility (GBM) routes
  • Senior or Specialist Worker
  • Graduate Trainee
  • UK Expansion Worker
  • Service Supplier
  • Secondment Worker
  • Extension for legacy cases where previous leave was granted on the Intra-Company Transfer routes.
  • High Potential Individual (HPI) route
  • Scale-up route
  • Graduate
  • Youth mobility and temporary workers
  • Government authorised exchange scheme
  • Business Visitors
  • Global Talent
  • Innovator Founder route
  • Scale up Worker
  • Overseas Domestic Worker
  • Representative of an Overseas Business visa

Advice on achieving permanent UK residence

There are several routes to becoming a permanent UK resident that may be available depending on your circumstances. The processes involved are notoriously complex, with many people failing due to relatively minor issues. It is therefore sensible to seek expert help for your application.

We can advise you on with the type of application you should make and assist with the application process, ensuring your application is completed correctly, and all necessary supporting evidence included. This can significantly boost your chances for a successful application.

Our corporate immigration solicitors can advise on options including:

  • Settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)
  • Indefinite leave to remain applications
  • British citizenship applications

When an application for a sponsor licence or visa is turned down, it can be extremely frustrating and seriously derail your plans. However, in many cases, these refusals are down to technical reasons that can be successfully addressed with the right legal support.

We can advise on the reason for a refusal and the steps you can take to address any issues in a fresh application. We can also advise and represent you if you wish to appeal an immigration decision.

Our visa and sponsor licence experts can assist with:

  • Clear advice on the reasons for a refusal
  • Advice on your right to appeal an immigration decision
  • Representation for immigration appeals
  • Advice on your right for an administrative review
  • Explore if you can rely on grounds for immigration judicial review

Multi-service approach

Our clients benefit from IBB’s multi-service approach. Our legal expertise extends to a variety of areas that are critical to business success. Working alongside experts in employment lawcorporate & commercial lawfranchisingintellectual propertyreal estate, private client, our lawyers will advise you on immigration matters and beyond.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts can support your organisation in the following areas:

  • Corporate law: creating a new company, shareholder agreements, facilitating mergers, acquisitions or disposals, corporate financing, corporate restructuring.
  • Commercial law: preparing commercial contracts, franchise agreements, share option scheme
  • Information technology: Advising start-ups, SMEs and multi-nationals on technology-focused commercial agreements, legal compliance, data protection, e-commerce and system procurement.
  • Intellectual property: protecting business assets, patents, trademarks, passing off, copyright, design rights, confidentiality and trade secrets.
  • Employment: advising on creation of employment contracts and policies, international employment issues, redundancies, TUPE, employment tribunal claims and restricted covenants.
  • International Legal Management Services: coordination and management of lawyers in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Real estate: construction, business leases, commercial property investment and management.

Our business and corporate immigration advice fees

The value of good immigration advice cannot be overstated, with the potential to save you significant amounts of time, money, stress and energy. With this in mind, we aim to ensure our costs are always proportionate to the benefits we can offer to you or your organisation.

We are able to offer fixed fees for some matters, while in other areas, we will work according to an agreed hourly rate based on the level of expertise required to properly service your requirements.

You will receive a clear cost estimate at the outset, so you fully understand both our fees and any third-party costs involved in dealing with your matter. We will keep you up-to-date with any additional costs that may arise, with all expenditures agreed in advance.

For a personalised cost estimate, please use the contact details below to get in touch with a member of our team.

Get immediate expert advice on business immigration

If you need fast, practical support to bring someone to the UK, our expert business immigration team will be happy to assist.

To discuss your situation with our industry-leading business immigration solicitors, you can call us on 03456 381381 or email