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Heathrow robbery four lodge appeals

Heathrow robbery four lodge appeals

Four men found guilty of robbing a Heathrow warehouse of £1.75 million after a trial without a jury are appealing against their convictions.

The Court of Appeal in London is being asked to rule whether the convictions of John Twomey, Peter Blake, Barry Hibberd and Glenn Cameron are unsafe because the trial was "unlawful".

An Old Bailey judge convicted them in March for the 2004 armed robbery. It was the first serious criminal trial in England and Wales which was not allowed a jury.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge lifted an order on Wednesday which prevented the case from being reported by the media.

Proceedings were scheduled to start at the Royal Courts of Justice on Wednesday morning but because of security worries the case was moved to the Old Bailey where it is expected to last for three days.

Lord Judge said that "one of these appellants has escaped from custody in the past" and a condition of their presence for their appeal was that there should be "no security problems".

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