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HS2 Compensation Consultation Relaunched

HS2 Compensation Consultation Relaunched

The Government must once again measure public opinion on how it should compensate property owners living on or close to the proposed route for the HS2 rail project after a judicial review. A judge agreed with complaints that the first consultation was unfair as the public wasn’t given enough details and the Government had not done enough to reveal the criteria on which it would award HS2 compensation.

HS2 Compensation Scheme for Affected Homes

Transport Minister Simon Burns informed MPs that the Government would again consult with the public on its compensation package for the first phase of HS2 from London to Birmingham. This includes how the Government would buy affected homes and support people who wish to move but are unable to because of their location in relation to the route. Suggested compensation methods include guarantees to buy rural properties as a last resort if all efforts to sell fail and a voluntary scheme that would see the Government buying homes within 120m of the line. Owners could even be able to rent back properties bought by the Government.

Mr Burns said the Government’s compensation scheme is comprehensive and generous and he wants to hear what the public thinks about them. He said people living in homes in safeguarded areas would receive fair compensation if they decided to sell. Those living further away who wish to sell would receive the same price for their properties as if HS2 wasn’t going ahead at all. The second consultation is expected to run until December 4.

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