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HS2 survey payments for landowners

HS2 survey payments for landowners

A deal has been struck that will see people who own land on the proposed HS2 route offered cash to allow inspections to be carried out.

The agreement reached by the National Farmers' Union (NFU) and the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) will see landowners paid an initial £1,000 to allow surveyors on site along the route, which will run from London to Birmingham and the north.

The deal comes after the Government gave the £32.7 billion scheme the thumbs up in January.

Despite claims it will reduce journey times between London to Birmingham and Manchester and Leeds, many living nearby the route campaigned against it. Their efforts were boosted by the support of campaign groups and a number of politicians.

The new deal will allow environmental survey work to be conducted along the route. The landowner and the tenant will share the initial payments from the scheme.

Further payments could be made in the event that more surveys are needed to gauge the effects of the work upon the environment.

HS2 Ltd, the Government-owned company behind the project, said it was getting in touch with individual landowners to organise visits.

Gillian Outram, Partner at IBB Solicitors, commented: “Clearly if this is an agreement between the CLA and the NFU then it will represent the majority of the land that requires surveying and hopefully members of those organisations will be satisfied with the payment.

“However there are still going to be a significant number of private householders where surveyors will need access to their land for surveying purposes for HS2 and it is not clear from this statement as to whether the ordinary affected householder will agree to this scheme.

“The strength of feeling against HS2 by those normal householders affected in the Chilterns and the land running north to Birmingham should not be underestimated.”

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