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Leicestershire pupil receives £250,000 compensation after being injured at school

Leicestershire pupil receives £250,000 compensation after being injured at school

A Freedom of Information request made by a local newspaper has revealed that a pupil received £250,000 in compensation from Leicester City Council after an accident at school. The authority refused to reveal further information about the Leicestershire child, fearing that details of their age, or of the circumstances of the accident, could lead to the minor being identified.

It is therefore unclear how the child was hurt, or at which school the accident happened. However, the Council confirmed that the accident happened in 2008 but that the compensation was only paid last year, when the full extent of the child’s injuries were made clear.

Leicester City Council confirmed that three additional damages payments were made last year, amounting to £9,446. A payment was made to child who suffered an injury to their foot during a PE lesson, and two “slip and trip” claims were successfully made.

Compensation for loss of future aspiration

Payments in the region of £250,000 often involve a loss of a limb, blindness or a brain injury, and while the figure for the undisclosed injury seems significant, the council confirmed that the settlement included compensation for loss of future aspiration as a result of the injury.

This compensation can encompass potential loss of future earnings and can still be relevant when a child is still in education. It may be the case that even at a young age, a pupil is working towards one particular career, which might have earned them a certain amount of money, but as a result of the injury, such a career is no long open to them. However, any amount awarded will be discounted to account for the fact that the money is paid up front, without actually being earned.

Confirming that the payments were made by the council’s insurance arrangements, a spokesman said:

“The city council defends all claims and only pays compensation when legally liable. We take health and safety in our schools very seriously.

Unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong in spite of everyone’s best efforts and this may result in pupils or teachers being injured. We have about 50,000 children attending school in Leicester. This equates to about 10 million pupils days in a year.

Our compensation rate is very small indeed when considered in this context, and serious accidents in schools are extremely rare.”

Making a compensation claim for a work related injury or accident

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