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Maternity plans could face problems

Maternity plans could face problems

Plans by the Government to make small businesses exempt from having maternity and paternity regulations imposed on them could lead to a number legal ramifications which could put the proposals in jeopardy.

Newspaper reports in the Sunday Telegraph and Financial Times suggest that the Government is considering changing the law so that small businesses with less then 10 employees are not bound by parental leave rights.

But it has been suggested that the move, which is expected to be unveiled as part of the Government's growth strategy, could fall foul of European law.

Lawyers have said that while the Government might be able to scale down the legal entitlement of new parents in small businesses, they will have a hard time removing maternity leave rights altogether. The proposed changes to the law could also lead to different problems being created such as employers having to negotiate leave with each individual member of staff.

Meanwhile, it has also been mentioned that the proposals could be detrimental in that small businesses will find it increasingly difficult to attract key talent in both men and women seeking better opportunities at larger organisations.

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