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Neuberger supports cameras in court

Neuberger supports cameras in court

The President of the British Supreme Court has come out in favour of using cameras during legal cases in court.

Lord Neuberger told the House of Lords Constitution Committee that there is “something slightly uncomfortable” about judges not wanting to be filmed.

The Government has proposed allowing television cameras into court for the first time at the end of a court case to show that “justice is seen to be done”. Film crews will be allowed into the Court of Appeal from October and Crown Court hearings are likely to follow.

However the head of the judiciary, Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, said that filming could encourage heckling of judges from the public gallery.

“I’m very troubled about having cameras just swanning around,” he told the constitution committee. But Lord Neuberger said:

“There’s something slightly uncomfortable about judges not wanting to have themselves filmed, given that we’re so committed to open justice.”

Lord Neuberger said that filming would be altered if it was found to be used in an inappropriate way, or in severe cases stopped all together.

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