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Poll warning on workplace stress

Poll warning on workplace stress

A new poll has claimed that about 40% of small business owners never discuss mental or physical health with their workers, despite the increasing cost of stress in the workplace.

The research involving 250 bosses and senior managers also found that about one in four admitted they would not feel confident of recognising the signs of stress or depression among their workforce.

According to healthcare firm Bupa, which commissioned the research, health is often put to one side by small businesses because of the pace at which they have to work, especially in a struggling economy.

Health minister Simon Burns said:

"The Government is working with businesses and organisations to encourage them to commit to taking action to help improve the health of their employees.

"More and more companies are joining up to the Government's responsibility deal – health at work network, which aims to take preventative measures to stop employees getting ill and helps them make informed choices about their health."

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