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‘Presenteeism’ problem at work

‘Presenteeism’ problem at work

According to new research thousands of people are dragging themselves into work when they are ill, which is indicative of a new outlook of “presenteeism”, as opposed to ringing in sick.

Absenteeism is now registered at less than seven days each year in contrast to a year ago when it was marked at just under eight days, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) stated. At the same time 33% of employees noticed more people attending work, when probably too ill to do so.

The report added that presenteeism is promoted by the threat of redundancy and job security worries, and the problem could escalate in companies expected to make job cuts soon. Following the quizzing of around 700 employers it was concluded that absence due to mental health problems and stress are up.

Research adviser at CIPD, Dr Jill Miller said:

“Failing to address employees’ concerns is likely to confound the issue, impact on morale and commitment and may cause or exacerbate stress or mental health problems.

“We urge employers to examine whether lower absence levels within their own organisations are as a result of more effective absence management or if they reflect the negative impact of presenteeism.”

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