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Property dealer jailed for contempt

Property dealer jailed for contempt

A high-flying property tycoon believed to be worth around £400 million has been jailed for six months for contempt of court, after he ignored a High Court judge’s order to provide financial details for his estranged wife.

According to Mr Justice Moor, Scot Young was in “flagrant” contempt of court during his bitter High Court battle with his Michelle Young.

The Youngs, who both live in London and have two daughters, separated in 2006 and have been embroiled in a bitter legal battle ever since. In the latest hearing at the High Court, the judge said some of Mr Young’s reasons for not complying with orders were “absurd” and “next to useless”.

Four years ago, the 51-year-old was told to pay Mrs Young £27,500 a month in maintenance. He claimed he could not make the payments as he is bankrupt, but Mrs Young said he was hiding assets worth millions of pounds.

As he was led away for his jail term carrying a Louis Vuitton overnight bag, Mr Young said he was shocked by the sentence and that it was a sad day for the justice system.

Mrs Young differed in opinion, and said: “What other choice do we have when someone is not complying with court orders, who is in contempt of court … who is trying to leave me and my children destitute?”

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