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Rome crash victim settles for £3m

Rome crash victim settles for £3m

A High Court judge has approved a compensation package of more than £3 million for a man who sustained “catastrophic injuries” when he was struck by a car driven by a priest in Rome.

Recruitment consultant James Kennedy, 37, from Gosforth in Newcastle, will receive the £3 million up front and £210,000 more a year for the rest of his life in a settlement with the insurers of Father John Cole, of Merthyr Tydfil, in Wales. Mr Justice Bean heard how Mr Kennedy was injured when he was crossing a road in the Italian capital in January 2006.

After the hearing his lawyers revealed that Father Cole was in a Peugeot on the Corso Vittorio Emmanuele road when the accident occurred and Mr Kennedy was there during a holiday with university friends. Elaine Lee, Mr Kennedy’s 67-year-old mother, said her son had been a keen cricketer and played youth rugby for Gosforth Rugby Football Club but his very serious injuries meant he could never again enjoy the same kind of freedom and full independence. Mrs Lee, from Corbridge, Northumberland, said her family would continue to help him but significant expert support was also required.

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