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Tribunal could have implications

Tribunal could have implications

An employment tribunal case could have significant legal implications for the Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations Act 2003.

Joe Hashman argued that his former employer, a Dorset garden centre, chose to dismiss him based on his moral beliefs and activities regarding animal rights.

He claimed that his employers were openly pro-hunting enthusiasts and decided to dismiss him after finding out about his work for animal welfare.

Mr Hashman's former employer has denied the claims and said his dismissal was due to his work failing to generate enough revenue.

The tribunal has reserved its decision to determine whether or not Mr Hashman's beliefs constitute a philosophical belief.

If the tribunal rules in Mr Hasman's favour there could be a dramatic effect on the number of cases that could be brought to court by individual everyday choices which are deemed "philosophical".

For example, choosing to support Chelsea over Fulham, practicing as a devout Jew or becoming a vegetarian could have an impact on an individual's job prospects.

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