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I am here to Judge so call me “Judge” as that is my Role!

I am here to Judge so call me “Judge” as that is my Role!

I am here to Judge so call me “Judge” as that is my Role!

How we should address a Judge in Court is now simplified to just calling them a Judge.

The changes have been made to reflect the important role of the judiciary in the Courts of England and Wales and to ensure they are addressed with respect, however, to progress with the evolving use of simple terminology in  all Courts and within the Family Courts, which has been adopted and now will be used when addressing a Judge. The formal title of all tier  Judge’s remains the same the changes are only made when addressing Junior Judges in Court.

The following categories of the judiciary will now be addressed as Judge,  the approach will assist all people including  litigants-in-person.  Many people chose to  represent themselves, and this means when acting in person you are not legally represented in England and Wales by a solicitor or barrister. This can be a difficult process and you may feel at a disadvantage therefore,  it is always advisable to seek legal representation as you may end up with an outcome that will have profound effect with long-term consequences.

  • Masters
  • Upper Tribunal Judges
  • Judges of the Employment Appeal Tribunal
  • District Judges
  • District Judges (Magistrates Courts)
  • First-Tier Tribunal Judges
  • Employment Judges

The following link  sets out a Table, how we should address all levels of Judges in correspondence and when in Court in person or remotely: https://www.judiciary.uk/guidance-and-resources/what-do-i-call-a-judge/

What remains the same:

  • Senior Judges are addressed as My Lord or My Lady
  • Circuit Judges are addressed as Your Honour.
  • High Court registrars should be addressed as Registrar .
  • Lay magistrates should still be addressed as Sir or Madam and have been addressed as Your Worships as usually 3 lay magistrates sit together with their Legal Advisor.

The changes to be adopted are for ease of use and to avoid confusion for persons when attending Court.

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