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‘No Fault’ Divorce – A Welcome Change

‘No Fault’ Divorce – A Welcome Change

‘No Fault’ Divorce – A Welcome Change

One of the biggest changes to our divorce laws certainly since the law relating to Civil Partnerships was brought in occurred last week.

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill received Royal Assent to allow a change in the law impacting upon separating couples and the reasons they are permitted to provide for the breakdown in the relationship. This now no longer involves one spouse having to assign blame in order to obtain a divorce. This has a huge impact both for the individuals who are dealing with a separation and indeed the lawyers guiding them through the process.

The introduction of ‘no fault’ divorce is a landmark moment in family law and will ensure there is a change for the better for the way in which couples separate. This change reflects the moving needs of society importantly ensures that unnecessary tension and hostility is avoided or significantly reduced. This is so important when dealing with a relationship or family breakdown both for the individuals themselves and for any children. This change will help individuals divorce in a much better way.

This welcome change has come after years of campaigning by independent bodies and Resolution, who have worked closely with ministers and the officials at the Ministry of Justice to ensure that legislative change in this area. It is hoped that the new no fault divorces will begin to occur in Autumn 2021. IBB will be ready to make implement and support those changes – watch this space.

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