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Probate Fees Increase Halted

Probate Fees Increase Halted

Following the recent prorogation of parliament, the proposed probate fees increase has lapsed and this has been welcomed by practitioners and the Law Society of England & Wales of who have campaigned against the fee increase.

There was a great deal of criticism surrounding the proposed fees increase which would have seen a rise from the current fixed fees (£155/£215) to a sliding scale of up to £6,000 depending on the size of the Estate. Criticism also extended to the method by which Parliament sought to introduce the increase – by way of Statutory Instrument rather than legislation.

For many this has been seen as a stealth tax on higher value estates especially as the cost to the court of issuing a Grant of Representation is exactly the same regardless of the value of the estate.

The Law Society has welcomed the lapse of the current proposed increase and has vowed to continue to fight any increase in the future.

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